Bubbly Pink

bubbly pink diana chipar

We all have those days when you just can’t make it on time. Well for those kinds of days I keep this fabulous easy to put on and wear dress in my closet. The day I wore this dress, was for a morning meeting and […]

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Boyfriend Jeans

When it comes to jeans I am looking for two things, comfort and quality. Banana Republic has both. It may seem that boyfriend jeans just suit any body type but that is not always the case. I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of boyfriend […]

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Red Statement Coat

red statement diana chipar

When winter comes upon Dubai with its chilled breeze one can’t but wear a light coat over the shoulder. For me personally it’s a chance to wear some layers so my coat has to stand out, it’s a must. What would make a better statement […]

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Royal Evening Gown

royal gown diana chipar

  Every one of you has that one dress wrapped away in the closet which is saved for a special wedding or gala dinner occasion. Well, mine is designed and made by my lovely friend Dina Melwani. To me this dress is more than special, […]

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Print & Lace

print & lace

I love me some colorful print and like every other lady, I appreciate delicate lace. Here I thought why not mix both together in an outfit. For a great print with a rich heritage, I decided to go to a designer who has it in […]

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Shimmery Outfit

blog 1

  As you all know shimmery fabrics have been very popular throughout the history of fashion. Starting with the demand from Kings and Queens to Marilyn Monroe and nowadays. Shimmery never goes out of style, especially your classic black fabric with gold sparkle. Elisabetta Franchi […]

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