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Diana Chipar is one of the most sought after and successful models based out of Dubai, who embodies the true sense of the word ‘fashion’.

She came to this land of gold when she was just 20 years old, and started her career as a beauty/make up consultant. A designer from Italy then identified her talent and got her into the world of modeling.

“I did not choose fashion. Fashion chose me.”

Today, Diana has already walked many runways for some of the biggest names in UAE and around the globe such as Cavali, Furne Amato, Essa Walla, MAC & Make Up Forever, just to name a few.

After over 7 fruitful years in her modeling career, she decided to branch out and started to deepen her knowledge on being a Fashion Stylist & Personal Shopper from a few San Fransisco based online courses, which are the best in the world.

Being in this field for a long time combined with her unique talent, Diana instantly started to gain a lot of clients in UAE.

She’s been featured in many editorial magazines, TV commercials and video clips for celebrities like Ramy Ayach and Dounia Batma. She has also worked with Dubai Properties and Ariel on assignments.

Diana says that she did not choose fashion, but rather, ‘fashion chose her’, as her love for dressing and the ability to feel and look good is something that comes naturally to her.

She believes that every piece of fashion has a story to tell, be it a sweater, a dress or a pair of shoes, and she uses those precise pieces of fashion to tell a totally new story.

“For me fashion is a form of story telling!”

What makes Diana unique is her deep understanding, experience and maturity in the field of fashion.

Starting from humble beginnings as a makeup consultant to blazing the ramps as a model, to then working with some of the biggest brands in the business, Diana truly has walked the path that every upcoming model aspires.

Her mission is to inspire the community through this blog and help people grow along with the designers that she supports.

Her eventual goal is to show to the world that UAE’s local fashion designers are as unique as the international luxury brands, and for a much better value.

As a blogger and social media influencer now, Diana has managed to work with many brilliant designers such as:

Get in touch with Diana if you looking for some inspiration!

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